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View the Shell Fuel products below or browse to the Shell Canada website for highlights of the Shell line of products.

Nitrogen Enriched Fuels

All three grades of the NEW Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines contain 20% more cleaning agents than before, helping protect engine’s intake valves and fuel injectors. No other gasoline protects your engine better! No matter what you drive, the NEW formulation works in all types of engines; both conventional and modern.

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Shell V-Power®

Shell V-Power is our best, most advanced gasoline that contains the highest concentration of the NEW Nitrogen Enriched Cleaning System, a unique and patented formula exclusive to Shell. With five times the amount of cleaning agents required by government standards, Shell V-Power gasoline cleans up engine gunk faster than Shell Nitrogen Enriched Bronze gasoline and is designed for all vehicles – even today's most complex and advanced vehicles.

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Shell Diesel

NEW Shell Diesel Extra is designed to help:

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